Farming & Selling

Wegmeyer Farm

Farmer Tyler Wegmeyer hails from Loudoun County, VA where he operates a nineteenth century farmstead. In 2012, he joined the Gilbert’s Corner Market and has successfully produced a variety of crops on 12 acres of land. His most noteworthy crop is the strawberry. With a pick-your-own service, visitors can roam the strawberry patch to pick the freshest, ripest strawberries. Additionally, this year, Elizabeth Campbell joined his team to implement a 50-member CSA. Each week, members are given a bounty of vegetables, picked early in the morning and ready to enjoy.

Cerritos Farm

Sammi Cerrito, a true mastermind of farming, joined us in 2012 and grows a range of crops on 17 acres at Gilbert’s Corner. While he tends to his thriving yield of beans, tomatoes, peppers, corn and other produce, he also devotes his time to his farm acreage in Chantilly. This season Sammi has had a robust harvest and looks forward to adding more into the mix next season.

Between Sammi and Tyler, we have a diverse seasonal harvest that has restored the land to fertile production. Our farmers bring decades of experience, are true stewards of the land and reap the benefits of growing food locally.

Currently, we are looking for local producers of the following, to sell at our market:

  1. Vegetables (seasonally grown)
  2. Meat (chicken, pork, beef, lamb, etc)
  3. Artisanal Cheese and Dairy products

Part of our initiative is to include producers who follow sustainable practices and reflect agricultural integrity.